Gezellig vrijgezellenfeest op het terras: proostende mensen genieten van de feestelijke sfeer

Surprise your international colleagues

Surprise your international colleagues

Are you looking for a teambuilding  online escape game with actors for larger groups?

Register you and your company and or team (10 to 250 people) and tell your dear colleagues that you want to discuss a number of things. This could be the regular meeting or something new like introducing a new colleague. The online meeting will include two of our actors. The first one will introduce himself in line with what your “meeting” is about. Then the second colleague will introduce herself and then suddenly something strange happens……

From here we take control and all suddenly the organisation has to work together in different teams. The game is a competition and is about team assignments which has the same goal.

During the game there will be live support for hints and clues.

[icon puzzle-piece] A strong introduction and an exciting experience that lasts approximately 90 minutes (max 2 hours)
[icon check-square-o] Online game
[icon plus] Connection and conviviality with colleagues
[icon book] Good story and brain teasers during the game
[icon puzzle-piece]Competition in a team with a winner
[icon users] 10 – 250 people
[icon credit-card-alt ] minimum 275, – per group, 18.50 euro per person

* The game is based on our popular home escape game “Kidnapped” which has since been played by more than 1500 people.

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