Team building

Team building

Looking for a challenging and educational team-building activity in Zwolle? At the Great Escape, you and your colleagues can enjoy corporate package deals as well as exciting and active team outings that you’ll be talking about for a long time. Get locked up together in one of our escape rooms or take on the challenge of solving one of our brain-teasing puzzle trails through the city!

Whether your team consists of 10 or 100 employees, we can collaborate to create a suitable program for you. Groups of up to 12 people can play the same rooms simultaneously. Larger groups will be split into smaller teams, who can share their different experiences afterwards.

In addition to various escape rooms and puzzle trails, we have our own Escape Café on site Here, you can finalize your strategy beforehand while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. After your hopefully successful adventure, you can sit on our terrace or at our bar to discuss your experiences in detail. So, plenty of packages to make this team activity a success!

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A stronger team

Pursuing a common goal, communication, role- and task- distribution: all ingredients to strengthen a team. Not only on the work floor… participants also need to function as a team in escape rooms if they want to escape together. In fact, solving an escape room is not much different from the approach used in many companies. This makes an escape room the ideal team building activity.

All participants are placed in the same new situation: escaping from an escape room or completing a puzzle trail. This subjects the classic role distribution from within the company to a new form of collaboration. This requires participants to devise a strategy together, choose a good approach, and gather tools to achieve the common goal: escaping the escape room.

Stress resistance, solution-oriented thinking, and teamwork are skills that are tested in an escape room and are, of course, just as important in the workplace. By collectively entering a completely new and unexpected situation, you get to know each other even better and you might even discover new skills in both yourself and your colleagues. Additionally, experiencing success together is a great way to strengthen mutual bonds. Escaping thus provides a lot of valuable insights and experiences for your team!

Would you like to recieve concrete feedback? Chose Team building PRO

How was the division of roles established during the escape game? Which behaviors and communication styles correspond to those in the workplace? When opting for Teambuilding PRO, a labor psychologist or team coach observes your game. Prior to the game, the psychologist or coach consults with the initiators, manager, or supervisor of the team to discuss expectations and any objectives. This way, you’ll receive enough input for an inspiring session on team development!

Package deals

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We would love to arrange a fitting package for your team. Together, we’ll explore the possibilities to create a complete package deal. Based on the group size and availability of the escape rooms, we will prepare a quotation.

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More than just an escape room

At the Great Escape, we offer more activities for teams than just our various indoor escape rooms on-site. We also have challenging puzzle trails through the city center of Zwolle, a beer tap full of brain teasers, and we offer various packages for both large and small groups.

Will you play one of our escape rooms together with coffee and a pastry beforehand? Or will you try to earn a beer at our Beer Escape bar before heading into the city for one of our outdoor escapes? Would you like to enjoy a nice meal in the city or have drinks on our terrace afterwards? The possibilities are endless!

The Great Escape is also the right place for team outings, children’s parties, staff parties, bussines meetings, and bachelor parties.