The Courtroom

The Courtroom

You and your party have been summoned for a trial in the courtroom in Zwolle. Your lawyer promises you that you are innocent and will be declared as such. We have a good legal system here and corruption is not an issue, right?

Things suddenly get quite heated in court, your lawyer doesn’t seem to have everything completely under control and the question is whether justice will prevail. Maybe you won’t be released as quickly as you expected…

In The Courtroom you experience your own court case. You defend your case together with your lawyer, but in this court the legal system works somewhat differently than in the rest of the Netherlands. Things are getting tough here and you’re starting to get quite worried. Because you really are innocent. However?

Also as Battle…

If you are with a group of 7-12 people, book a Battle. You then enter the courtroom together and then play the exact same escape rooms separately but at the same time. Which team will escape the fastest?

180,- enkele groep
350,- Battle mogelijk (7-12 personen)
Escaperoom met acteurs
Play a Battle with up to 12 people
2-6 players
75 minutes
epilepsy risk
Moeilijkheidsgraad: 2.5/5

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Please note: Does anyone from your team have difficulty walking? Please contact us in advance.

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