Beer Escape

Beer Escape

First, escape, and then celebrate the escape with a cold beer. That’s how it’s done, usually… But what if your entire escape is beer themed? The Great Escape is once again introducing a new concept that combines two of our biggest hobbies: escaping and drinking a cold beer.

Escape room with beer?
Our Beer Escape is not an escape room like you are used to. The entire game takes place at our self-made beer bar. This bar is full of brainteasers, special effects and of course some good thirst quenchers. A level-headed look is needed to solve the challenging puzzles, who knows, after half an hour you might treat yourself to one of our home-brewed special beers!

It is certainly not mandatory to consume alcohol while playing. The puzzles of our Beer Escape are all themed, but it is perfectly possible to complete this challenge completely sober and unlock a 0.0 beer!

80,- per group enkele groep
Escape and taste our own brewed specialty beer
2-6 players
30 minutes
Moeilijkheidsgraad: 3/5

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Can also be played at your own location
Our Beer Escape bar is on wheels, which means it can also come to you! Are you organizing an event and do you want to offer your guests a beer in a unique way? Contact us to discuss the possibilities!

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