Custom Escape
Custom Escape

Through game play and team building, we create value for you and your organization. With more than eight years of experience in the entertainment industry, we know how to please and inspire people. In recent years we have added the word captivate in addition to the fun factor. We strongly believe in conveying a story and/or message through experience, fun & team building. We would like to pass this on by working with you to develop new concepts and create special experiences.


We derive strength from being able to let our participants experience a new world. We love to excite people, amaze them and most of all give them something they can use. Escape games are an unforgettable experience that can be used to achieve different goals. Consider an escape game for achieving one of the goals below!


Train your employees on content knowledge through game play


Share a message with your target audience and pique interests


Create an experience that appeals to a new audience

Team Building

Work together toward a common goal and improve relationships and cooperation

Why an escape experience

Wij halen kracht uit het feit dat wij onze deelnemers een nieuwe wereld kunnen laten ervaren. We vinden het geweldig om mensen te prikkelen, verbazen en bovenal iets mee te geven wat zij kunnen gebruiken. Escape games zijn een onvergetelijke ervaring die ingezet kunnen worden om verschillende doelen te bereiken. Je onthoudt iets velen malen beter wanneer je actief met de boodschap bezig bent!

Concept discussion

Here, desires are discussed and experiences are shared. Direction and initial ideas emerge.


Based on the concept formation, a brainstorming session will be held with you!

Presentation plan of action

▸ Concept
▸ Target
▸ Storyline
▸ Gameflow
▸ Puzzles
▸ Timeframe


Now, the story will be written. The game designer will focus on the physical and/or digital puzzles. The web designer will focus on the website and design. The physical puzzles will be created by our builders.


This is moment where it all comes together. Story, puzzles, design and technology are linked.

Testing and delivery

Every game needs refinement, but for that you need your test players. A testing phase is crucial to ultimately deliver the perfect experience!

More information?

Get in touch!

We would love to work with you to create the perfect experience to achieve your goal. Contact us and we’ll make a cup of coffee and discuss all the possibilities!

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